120V J2 Two Circuit Track Sections

Designed for nearly every application and interior environment, our extensive 120V Track collection offers hundreds of luminaires that integrate cutting edge design and aerospace detailing with designer glass and metal finishes.

Power per Circuit: 120V, 1920W max

Operating Current: Each circuit is rated 20A (2 x 20A = 40A max)

Each circuit allows the control of two individual sets of fixtures

Enables the use of two separately switched circuits on one section or run of track

Compatible with all JHT and JTK series track luminaires

Saves on installation costs by eliminating the need for long separate feed runs

J2-T4 includes 3 JCLIP adapters,
J2-T8 includes 6 JCLIP adapters and
J2-T12 includes 8 JCLIP adapters


Model Length Finish

J2- J series 2 circuit track

T4-4 feet

T8-8 feet

T12-12 feet



Includes two matching end caps.

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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