WAC Lighting Introduces Tube LED Luminaire

Port Washington, New York--- WAC Lighting is proud to introduce Tube, a new indoor/outdoor LED sconce luminaire. Precise engineering, superior optics and the latest LED technology are integrated in this highly efficient wall sconce. With its sleek cylindrical profile, Tube functions perfectly as an accent, wall wash or pathway luminaire.

Tube’s Dark sky Sky Friendly design requires ensures that there is noprevents light pollution from spill around or up from the luminaire. The LEDs directional light source preserves star filled nights for astronomical observation. , Dark Sky was previously a feature not available attainable with similar incandescent light sources designs that provide light
in all directions, now achievable through a directional LED light source.

Constructed of aluminum with an etched glass lens, Tube is engineered with an integral driver and replaceable LED modules. Wet listed for outdoor applications, Tube uses a threaded cap and rubber gaskets to provide a watertight seal.

The 18-watt LED luminaire delivers 875 lumens and is available in a uniformed quality of light, standardized at 3000K to simulate halogen. Unlike fluorescent sources, WAC proprietary LED technology is designed to dim beautifully while providing consistent color rendering illumination at every light level.

Generating over 50 percent more brightness and efficiency than other products in the marketplace, our LED modules are specifically engineered for performance, based on stringent binning standards and cutting edge technological advances.

This 18 watt luminaire delivers 875 lumens, a CRI of 85 and a 3000K color temperature.
This sophisticated luminaire can also be dimmed to 10% with an
electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer.

Generating more than 50 percent more brightness and efficiency than other products currently in the marketplace, the technology of the LED modules is specifically engineered for performance, based on stringent consistent bin standards and cutting edge advances today.  Deploying a lumen output of 875, the 18-watt luminaire dims beautifully with an electronic low voltage dimmer.

Tube is constructed of aluminum and etched glass and engineered with an integral transformer (or driver?) and a replaceable LED module.

Available in Black, Bronze, Brushed Aluminum, Graphite and White designer finishes.

Designer finishes include Brushed Aluminum, Black, Bronze, Graphite and White.

The WAC Lighting Story 

WAC Lighting is a leading global manufacturer and innovative designer of lighting for Luxury Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional, Retail and Architectural applications, specializing in track, recessed, under cabinet, monorail and decorative lighting. To reflect energy saving strategies, social progress and community involvement, WAC uses the brand standard “Responsible Lighting” to reflect a deep commitment to responsible eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, and altruism. 

WAC Lighting Global Headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York with factories in New York and in Ontario, California. WAC may be reached at 1.800.526.2588 or by visiting www.waclighting.com.